Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ruby Red Nails...

Ruby Ritz: £5.45


Long time no blog.  I've been awol for quite a while so I thought I would come back with a favourite topic of mine: Nail Polish! 

Lately I have fallen in love with gel nail polish; it is quick to do, lasts twice as long as regular nail polish and always looks perfect.  Nail polish, despite the brand, will only ever last a couple of days tops on me.  So it's nice to have nail colour that lasts.  I got my curing lamp and all my polishes of eBay, so it's worth a look if you're thinking of going for gel, as it's that bit cheaper.

This colour, Ruby Ritz, has become my fast favourite. It is very similar to Essie's Leading Lady.  It has a dark blue base and loads of red glitter in it.  I have about three coats of colour on in the picture.

What do you think of gel nail polish?